Ciao Green Collaborates With ICICI Home Finance to Design 140 Branches Across India - Jean Pierre Bansard Commercial Real Estate Development Firm.
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Ciao Green Collaborates With ICICI Home Finance to Design 140 Branches Across India

Ciao Green Collaborates With ICICI Home Finance to Design 140 Branches Across India

/ — Green, an Interior design and build firm, centrally and solely designed 140+ branches of across Green executed the first sample branch of in (Mumbai), receiving quite a positive response from the ICICI team. Green also created a design manual to ensure uniformity in quality and smoothness in the execution of different processes.

In mid-2018, and started working on design concepts, which included more green, eco-friendly, and open office culture. After understanding the briefing, requirements and with mutual consensus, execution was initiated according to the plan and proper timeline.

“We always wanted to change the stereotypical thought of how the looks. The basic idea and the thought process behind designing and development of workspace were to switch towards the open work culture, more customer-centric environment, comfort for customers in terms of look and feel. Along with all, we thought of creating a more eco-friendly environment that brings liveliness to working space,” said Mr. Mahendra Salvi, Co-Founder and Director,

The technical knowledge along with creative ideas and passion towards awe-inspiring designs, made stand out amongst other players in the market for this project. Initially it seemed as a big challenge for IIT alumni-driven Ciao Green but the dedicated team appointed for this project made it look easy and the project was completed on time without any major hassles.

In addition to this project, Ciao Green is planning to expand its presence and come with a new branch in which is likely to be brought into effect in the month of July.

For the team of Ciao Green, it was a great experience working with whole ICICI Home Finance. Both the parties discussed new possibilities of working together in the future again and hope to grow more with all upcoming projects.

About Ciao Green:

Founded by alumni, the company has been working and designing for big brands in the commercial, retail and hospitality sectors like ICICI Home Finance, Adecco Group, Pernia’s Pop-up Show, The Stylist, Flywidus, Pharmintech, and other brands across The company so far has delivered on 1,50,000+ square feet area, in 10+ cities, with 70+ clients.

For more information about Ciao Green, visit our website or call us on +91-9137129799.


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